Healthy eating and making healthy choices are promoted during snack time, lunchtime and whenever the opportunity arises.

Chef Fitz takes great pride in offering a tasty, balanced weekly menu to ensure the food is varied, seasonal and healthy, and caters for all dietary needs. All food is cooked from scratch in the school kitchen. There is a warm vegetarian option and salad bar available every day, with meat dishes offered from Tuesday to Thursday.

At the request of the School Council, we have ‘Plant Power Mondays’ and on Friday, serve a fish or vegetarian choice. A selection of fresh fruit is available daily for dessert, as well as puddings once a week.

As part of our eco schools’ initiative, and in partnership with our parent body, we have also introduced a Food Marks Scheme which identifies the environmental aspects of foods including Greenhouse gas emissions, land use, water usage, biodiversity and eutrophication.

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