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As we introduce Year 7, we are poised to bring a new choice for girls in the senior school educational landscape in North London. Our mission is to pioneer a curriculum rooted in the Chatsworth Schools’ Tapestry framework, with a strong emphasis on creativity and creative thinking. We are dedicated to providing an educational experience that surpasses expectations for nurturing future female leaders, thinkers and innovators for the 21st century and beyond.

In Year 7, students will embark on a comprehensive learning journey encompassing a wide array of subjects and skills. They will focus on traditional academic areas; English, mathematics and Science, where they will continue to build foundational knowledge and critical thinking skills. Additionally, there will be a strong focus on creativity and innovation – art, drama, and technology playing a pivotal role. Through unique weekly collaborative sessions, they will enhance their entrepreneurial skills, public speaking and problem-solving abilities. The curriculum is designed to foster digital literacy, global awareness and personal wellbeing, ensuring a well-rounded and future-focused education.

This innovative approach to learning, focusing on creativity and critical thinking, prepares students exceptionally well for exams. By integrating traditional academic subjects with creative and collaborative activities, students develop a deeper understanding and retention of knowledge. The emphasis on problem-solving and critical analysis skills enhances their ability to tackle complex exam questions effectively. Furthermore, skills gained in public speaking and entrepreneurship foster confidence and adaptability, crucial for excelling under the pressure of exam situations. This well-rounded educational experience not only equips students with the necessary knowledge, but also with the mental agility and resilience needed for success in exams and beyond.

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I think the Village School is everything that you would want in a primary school for girls and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.
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