The Chatsworth Tapestry Awards

Overview: The Chatsworth Tapestry Awards, honours students who embody The Chatsworth Tapestry’s core values at their own individual school and seeks to encourage ongoing engagement with the educational impact of the 6 strands of the tapestry. These awards are offered at three levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze, the level of award for each student will be based upon the evidence presented in their journal, illustrating their learning throughout the year.

Senior school students are expected to assemble their own evidence of progress


  • Bronze (Senior School): Assembled evidence from at least two Tapestry ethos strands.
  • Silver (Senior School): Assembled evidence from at least four Tapestry ethos strands.
  • Gold (Senior School): Assembled evidence from all six Tapestry ethos strands.

Journals: All pupils will receive a journal in which they can record their thoughts, work, and evidence. This could also be a digital platform.

Judging: In each school designated staff are responsible for recommending students for awards at each level.


  • Bronze and Silver awards, will receive their awards in school (Assembly or prize giving)
  • Gold recipients will receive their award from Anita Gleave at an end of year Chatsworth Tapestry Celebration. Staff and Gold winners will be able to share their experiences and celebrate each other’s achievements.
  • There is also the potential to honour specific students for the core Chatsworth Values of Integrity, Passion, and Resilience.

Examples of Evidence for Each Tapestry Strand:

1. Mindset:

· Senior School:

  • Essays on their journey towards a growth mindset.
  • Records of participation in mindset workshops or seminars.
  • A portfolio of work that shows an evolving open-minded attitude.

2. Digital Literacy:

· Senior School:

  • A digital portfolio showcasing multimedia projects or web development.
  • Records of competition wins or notable achievements in digital literacy.
  • Essays or presentations discussing the impact of digital literacy on society.

3. Health and Wellbeing:

· Senior School:

  • Personal reflections on strategies to maintain mental and physical health.
  • Records of involvement in counselling or mentorship programs.
  • Organising well-being workshops or activities for peers.

4. Global Awareness:

· Senior School:

  • Research papers on global challenges and their potential solutions.
  • Participation in Model United Nations or global citizenship projects.
  • Blogs or vlogs sharing insights from international experiences or perspectives.

5. Entrepreneurship:

· Senior School:

  • Business plans for innovative projects with potential real-world applications.
  • Participation in entrepreneurship competitions or initiatives or 8Billion Ideas.
  • An e-portfolio documenting entrepreneurial experiences and the development of a business concept.

6. Sustainability:

· Senior School:

  • Participation in environmental clubs or organizations.
  • Research papers exploring sustainable practices and solutions.
  • Initiatives to improve the school’s environmental footprint and promote responsible stewardship of the planet.

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