School Council

A vital voice in our learner-led school

Wellbeing is also child-led and our school council represent the voices of all the children in the school.

We firmly believe in being a learner-led school where every voice is heard. The school council is a peer-elected team made up of girls from Reception to Year 6. They meet regularly with the Head and Deputy Head to share ideas and raise issues on behalf of their form class.

Ideas raised by the girls have seen positive changes throughout school life, demonstrating democracy in action and responsibility. Some of the changes they have brought about in recent years are:

  • Changes to the uniform, that include a baseball cap for the summer and an ethical winter snood, headband and hat.
  • School lunches now include Plant Power Mondays and Fish Fridays, plus freshly sliced fruit daily.
  • Requests for a self-defence club saw the introduction of Karate Club on Wednesday mornings.
  • Plants in every classroom that the girls help to take care of.
  • Requests to ‘grow our own’ led to the planting of espalier and cordon fruit trees, and introduction of vegetable trugs.
  • A friendship bench on playground.

In addition to the council, our Year 6 prefects have introduced inclusive whole school events, such as the Christmas Talent Show, the STEAM Captain’s Challenge and Founder’s Feast fun and games.

In This Section

“The Village School is exactly what it says: a village that supports the girls to express their full potential.”

Parent – Summer 2023

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