Beyond reading, spelling and times tables practice, we do not set regularly set homework for girls to complete at home. Instead, from Transition, independent homework sessions take place at school. These are built into the school day and gradually increase as the girls move up the school, with two sessions per day in Upper II and IIIrd Form.

Traditional homework limits valuable family time, and, as part of our holistic approach, we feel it of equal importance that children spend their afternoons playing, exploring and recharging, ready for the next day. With our progressive approach to education, we place an emphasis on learning by doing, through hands on projects and teachers who engage girls in understanding and experiencing, rather than learning by rote and regurgitating information for tests.

This policy creates pupils with a lifelong love of learning, prepares them for independent study at senior school and ensures girls can use the time after school for family, fun and other outside interests, developing the skills and confidence to succeed both inside and outside the classroom – academically, socially, and emotionally.

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“Absolutely adore this school – every teacher from the Head down to the TAs is kind, thoughtful, funny, and present with my child. Could not be happier at the Village School!”

Parent – Summer 2023

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