A Unique Creativity Curriculum

Chatsworth Schools has created a unique Creativity Curriculum to enable girls to improve wellbeing and equip them with the life skills to manage the challenging times that may be ahead. We will embed the shared understanding that everyone is creative and has the ability to improve how creative they are. Creativity is not an inherent skill but if we can nurture their creativity, we can prepare them both mentally and practically to better face what lies ahead.

Research shows:

  • Learning to become more creative boosts self-esteem and motivation, leading individuals to become more interested in discovering things for themselves.
  • Creative learners are more open to new ideas and are reported as being keen to work collaboratively to explore.
  • There are clear links between creativity and positive mental wellbeing; individuals who develop the courage to fail and try again build resilience and consolation, nurturing a growth mindset and increased confidence and positivity.

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