The Village Prep School Announces Fantastic 11+ Results!

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Education is not solely about achieving amazing exam results although present league tables tend to suggest otherwise sometimes. Education should be about having a real passion to learn about a wide range of subjects, topics and ideas where exams do not create a barrier to one’s horizons, and that has always been our aim at The Village Prep School. That said, when your present Year 6 (Third Form) produces the best results ever, you do feel it is something to be celebrated. To gain 16 scholarships in most years would be noteworthy, but with the difficulties the girls have had to face with lockdowns and disruptions to their time in school, and that this time the whole exam/ interview process from the secondary schools took almost three months from start to finish, these results are just remarkable and a credit to the resilience, determination and aspirations of the girls.

The scholarships have covered a wider range this year, with art, drama and language awards alongside the academic scholarships. Because of lockdown restrictions the Sports scholarship candidates will complete their application when schools reopen, so there may well be further good news.There has been a strong range of schools offering our pupils places as well, including Channing, City of London, Francis Holland, Godolphin and Latymer, Haberdashers’, Highgate, Queen’s, St. Margaret’s (Bushey and Hampstead), St Paul’s Girls and South Hampstead, among many others. The girls are to be congratulated for all their tremendous work, and their teachers too for motivating them to see that there are no limits to where they can go.

Graeme Delaney, Headmaster

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